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6 negative accounts removed in just 45 days resulting in 124 point jump!

682 score to a 806 score in just 45 days 124 point jump! WOW! All 6 original negative accounts removed in just 45 days. He just saved $102,000 in interest on his new mortgage loan now. He also just bought a new car for 0%. No money down on a brand new Porsche, all this after the home loan closed. Our next step is to buy 1 investment property, which we are in escrow, NOW. He is VERY HAPPY with his loan officer & real estate agent whom sent him to us for coaching.

We were informed he just sent 3 referrals to them, to also buy a new homes and investment properties.

Win Win for everyone

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Initial credit report showing his midscore

Initial credit report showing the derogatory accounts

Initial credit report showing all 6 derogatory accounts

Credit report after showing his new midscore

Credit report showing the removed derogatory accounts

*Note: these two credit reports were incredibly long. For brevity, we only displayed the relevant pages. The full report is available in our office.