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Account Previous In Dispute - Now Resolved

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This is a very simple process. When calling the creditor let them know right away. You will loose your home loan over this remark if it isn't removed or corrected quickly as the mortgage bank will not fund the loan until its corrected.

Ask them to expedite this within 12 hours or same day by email you or faxing you. Let them know snail mail will not work. Speak to a manager if you need to.

Many times mortgage loan officers and banks will not complete funding the mortgage loans other than VA loans, until any remarks of... currently ( in dispute ) is corrected on the credit report first.

Either a letter from the creditors saying, account is no longer in dispute, or more common letter such as "Account Previous In Dispute - Now Resolved" Once you obtain this type of letter from creditor, then simply email a copy of it to your mortgage lender you currently doing a loan with and within 7-10 days. They can expedite correction of this statement by doing a rapid re-score.