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Here are some of our letters and faxes we have received from happy clients. We hope to have yours here one day!

“Don and the Credit Line iQ team have been such a blessing to my church congregation. It's clear that he truly loves what he does and wants to help people. Don is an excellent communicator and I appreciate his ability to take complicated subjects and cover them in an understandable and entertaining way. Many in the congregation have been affected by this economy and are dealing with difficult decisions related to short sales, foreclosures and credit related issues. Don's time with us was enjoyable as well as timely and beneficial. Several have made follow-up appointments with his team to work through the details of their specific situations. Even our members with excellent credit scores gained insight into the credit scoring system and what actions have a negative/positive impact on their credit score. I so appreciate Don sharing his time, energy and expertise with us and the wonderful relationship we have with him and his team.”

Pastor Darin Anderson, Sunset Community Church

“Credit Line iQ goes above and beyond to work with the customer not only on their existing financial needs but their future life goal plans. Credit Line cares about all aspects of the customer’s life. Let me just say they are financial doctors here to repair, restore and make you feel better than ever”.

Julie Posey, Mortgage Consultant, Wells Fargo Bank

“I wanted to send you a letter thanking you for the magnificent job you did working on my credit. I’m utterly amazed as to how creditors have so little regard for the truth, lack attention to detail, and allow false items to greatly affect people’s lives. I had a marvelous experience with you and Credit Line IQ and I just want to thank you for all your hard work”.

Brent Jones, San Francisco 49ers

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you how much I truly appreciate the manner of professionalism in which you handle all of your clients and the referrals we send you. Your service is priceless; people are buying homes that never would have been able to, especially when the creditors are stacked against them. There are very few relationships one can build in which you can COUNT ON someone taking care of your clients”.

Chad Peda, Net Branch Broker, Process 1 Mortgage Corp.

“My credit reports look awesome my friend. I appreciate all you’ve done for me”.

Matt Varley

“A friend suggested I talk to Credit IQ, so I made an appointment to see if there was anything he could do for me. We had an enlightening discussion about options available to me for improving my credit. My credit score at that time was a 620. We went to work on getting things straightened out, and within a year my score was a 758. My credit is looking great and I’ve been pre-approved for a loan that was not within my reach just a short time ago. Thanks Credit Line!”

Marc Daniel Roberge

When I first went to Credit Line iQ I had a very poor credit record. But now just one year later, with the help of Credit Line iQ I have GREAT credit. In our society today I feel that good credit is a must”.

Leslie Satterfield

Thank you, Credit Line iQ for the great job in working with my credit. Within months, I was seeing results in my fico score. Thank you for making my dream come true. Finally, I’m buying my house. I am absolutely thrilled with the final results. Your patience in working with me to get it just right is what makes Credit Line iQ stand out in a world of businesses.

Delia Gonzalez Modesto, California