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Have you ever wondered what impacts your credit score or how they’re formulated?

To most people it’s a mystery. At Credit Line iQ we have it down to a science. With 20 years of expertise you will learn what 95% of the population doesn’t know. At the beginning of your credit consultation, we will ask you about your immediate needs and what your long term goals are. We will take you through an easy to understand presentation about the FICO scoring system. We will educate you on where you really can be and then based upon your goals develop a plan of action to get you there. We will work with you as your advisor and provide credit coaching to help you to achieve “Financial Fitness” for life.
Our clients often say that they feel secure knowing they have a financial expert on their side. Our advice and service doesn’t end with your consultation. That’s where it begins. You will gain valuable knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life. If you have a question that we can’t answer our team of experts can.

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Credit Report Success Stories:

Foreclosure Removed and Partial Bankruptcy Removed in 45 Days - Countrywide
Foreclosure Removed in 90 days - Fremont Bank
Foreclosure Removed in 45 days - Wamu/Chase
Client's Credit Reports Before & After
Client's Credit Reports Before & After (2)